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The Benchmarking is essential tool for continuous quality improvement for


Department of Business Administration Total Quality Management Report on Benchmarking for Zong Submitted To

Madam Shahina Amin
Prepared By

Fawad Khan (Roll # 914521) MBA IV-Sec “A” Evening


First thanks to Almighty Allah who guided me to a bright future. I would like to acknowledge those who help me to provide this report a success. My teacher Madam Shahina Amin whose guidance and learning in class, which helped me a lot to understand the concepts of quality. I am also thankful to my family who accommodated me during that long hours of work in my report and all the friends and colleagues who equally encouraged me. I would also like to appreciate the co-operation from my classmates at Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science & Technology who boosted my morale and encouraged me to strive for better results.

Fawad Khan


At first for setting the benchmark for Zong for its continuous improvement in quality, I have gather the data and did the practical study, during the practical study I had found for making a benchmark for Zong, the best company would be Mobilink, because Mobilink has a huge share in market in term of subscribtion, and Zong has the lowest subscription but its average is very high to any company in the industry. After analyzing the pros and cons of the report I have found that Zong, in future could be a market giant or leader, but it have to compete the other cellular services provider in term of quality. Zong can compete in term of quality if it attains that strength of Mobilink as quickly as possible by doing more investments. Also it had to improve its weakness which are mention in Zong’s S.W.O.T. Analysis. Zong can also grab more profits ultimately improve its performance if it grab the opportunities especially on the way of Shahrah-e-Resham. Zong should kept eye on price war which is can be a potential threat for Zong, ultimately can decrease its profitability and it can cause lower in quality.


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Introduction to the Issue


Practical Study of the Organization


Data Collection Method


S.W.O.T. Analysis








Benchmarking Introduction to the Issue
We have know that General Electric set a benchmark to become atleast at second number in any business in which it is working. These types of benchmarking makes companies or corporation a way of continous improvement, if this benchmarking is set to the leading company of the industry. "One of the best way to develop distinctive competentives that contributes to the superior efficiency, quality, innovation, and responsiveness to the customer is to identify and adpot best industrial practice. Only in this way will a company be able to build and maintain the resources and capabilities that underpin excellence in efficiency, quality, innovation, and responsiveness to the customers. It requires tracking the practice of other companies, and perhaps the best way to do so is through benchmarking which measure the company against the products, practices and services of some of its most effcient global competitors" by Charles W.L.Hill & Gareth R.Jones

Various Companies around the world set their benchmarks i.e. Deere & Company for central computer operations, Proter & Gamble for Marketing & Florida Power & Light for Total Quality Management. Here we are addressing the issue of benchmarking of Cellular Service Provider Company Zong, which is a 100 percent subsidiary of China Mobile Communication Corporation. As Zong is a growing company in order to set its continous improvement to overall industry we will set it benchmark to any leading company, providing cellular services in Pakistan.

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Practical Study of The Organization
Total Market Share of the Mobiles Companies in Term Of Total...
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