Effects of Dirty Envieronment

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  • Published : February 19, 2013
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1) Garbage dumping
We throw garbage here and there without caring that people might step on it. It attracts flies and mosquitoes which carry harmful herms with them. When flies and mosquitoes which carry harmful germs with them. When flies and mosquitoes sit on our foods, they spread diseases among those who eat such food. 3) Urination

Urination in the open again makes the surroundings dirty and foul smelling. 4) Spitting
Spitting here and there also spoils the surroundings.
Effects of unclean surrounding
A) When we live in unclean surroundings, our health suffers. B) When we eat food infected by germs carrying flies and mosquitoes, we are likely to suffer from certain dreadful diseases. Two such dreadful diseases are diarrhea and cholera. C) Repeated attacks of these diseases make us weak. The children suffering from these diseases will not grow properly. They become weak and fall prey to many other infection and diseases. As a result of this, death many also occur. Ways of making our surroundings clean

a) Defecate in a sanitary latrine. After using the latrine throw enough water into it. People can get together and build a common latrine. We can also make water-sealed pit latrines away from the source of drinking water. We can also make other latrines such as `Suvidha' the new type of latines of French latrines and dry pit latrines. Latrines should be kept neat and clean. .

c) After defecation, hands, fingers, nails, feet and legs should be washed with soap or ash. d) The dumping of garbage should not be done in the open near your house. They should be dumped in the pits. These pits should be regularly emptied. The pits should have a narrow opening through which the garbage can is thrown into it. It should be covered with soil. After a few months, the garbage decomposes and it can be used as manure. e) Keep the drinking water, food items covered, the whole locality clean and tidy. f) We must take care of personal hygiene and clean all parts of our body...