Prevention and Control of Infection

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  • Published : November 16, 2012
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Section Two: Task 2
Understanding Systems and Procedures
3.1 Describe procedures and systems relevant to the prevention and control of infection Standard Operation Procedures (S.O.Ps)
At unit E, BMI, Standard Operation Procedures (S.O.P’s) can be found in each room, it covers the health and safety policy along with other legislations and regulatory body standards in accordance to the prevention and control of infection. These policies include instructions of how to carry out ‘safe’ manual handing in each room, they also include departmental dress codes, health, safety and hygiene codes, the startup procedures for each room, corrective and preventive actions, cleaning procedures and pest control. Theses standards set up by the company will reduce the risk of infections spreading and reduce the risk of hazards occurring. In a working environment that has lost of infectious substances, there are lots of procedures to ensure the risk of these spreading is reduced dramatically, if all policies and procedures are followed to the highest of standards then infections spreading should not occur and all staff will be able to work in a clean and safe environment Personal Protective Equipment

One important S.O.P procedures involves personal protective equipment to eliminate the possibility of cross contamination. Employees working in each room are clearly identified according to the task in which they are conducting. For example, in what is classed as the “dirty room”, primary sterilisation area you must wear green scrubs, gloves, eye protection and plastic disposable aprons. However for the clean room, you must wear blue scrubs and white clogs and a hair net. All employees are expected to change their attire before entering another area, the attire worn must be that of the room in which they are entering. Personal Hygiene

You must at all times be clean, you must ensure that your hands are washed thoroughly and most importantly after visiting the toilet, before...
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