Hand Decontamination

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In accordance with the NMC guidelines and the Nursing code of practice, any patient, placement and clinical names have been removed or changed in the assignment; this is to ensure all information is kept confidential and follows the confidentiality policy from the NMC (NMC, 2009)This is a reflective report about hand decontamination. Hand washing is found to be the single most important clinical skill in preventing cross contamination and infection control (Dougherty & Lister, 2009) In this report I will reflect on my personal experience, after learning the theory and practicing the hand hygiene technique, reflecting on my feelings and areas for improvement. |

Description of what happened.On the day we were firstly introduced to hand decontamination, using a power point presentation. This presentation introduced the topic, looking at my it is important in clinical areas, when hand washing should be used, where I should be washing my hands and we was also shown the correct technique that should be used for effective hand decontamination. After looking at the theory behind the topic we went into a mock clinical setting to practice the technique. We were separated into smaller groups, in these groups we took it in turns to wash our hands, following the correct procedure that we will use out in the practice areas. After being put into groups and practicing the technique, we used UV gel on our hands to show up the areas we had missed, under the UV light. What were you thinking and feeling?During this I was feeling excited about the prospect of learning a new and my first clinical skill, as a student nurse. As well the feeling of excitement, I was also feeling nervous as I was thinking about working in groups with people I was not completely familiar with yet and having to practice the technique in front of these people. Also thinking about learning my first skill made me nervous as this was one of many clinical skills I will be learning as a student. Another feeling I was experiencing was curiosity, I was thinking about what the skills labs where going to be like and also about how effective the hand decontamination technique was. What was good or bad about the experience?Even though I was nervous about working front of the other members of the group, I feel this was good experience. Working in front of the other members of the group help to build confidence and also helped the people in the group to get to know each other and develop friendships. This is important to me as a student nurse as I am going to be meeting new people regularly and need to confident in my role. Learning my first clinical skill and having the chance to physical practice this was a good experience, this allowed me to understand the technique better and see the results for myself. With this experience there was also bad experience. Even though working in front of people will have a good end result, in developing my confidence and friendships, initially I found this a bad experience. I was really nervous about being watched by other people and having to work in front of new people. After I had practice the hand decontamination technique, I used the UV equipment to look at my results, this was a bad experience as I showed a large number of areas I had missed, when washing my hands. After seeing this and reflecting on it, this suggest to me that I will need to continue to practice the technique. |

What sense can you make of the situation? Hand washingHand decontamination is one of the most important measures that health care works should take to prevent the transmission of microorganisms (Hugonnet & Pittet, 2000). After conducting research in 1999, it was discovered that only 48% of the NHS staff were compliant with the hand washing procedure (Hugonnet & Pittet, 2000). Hand washing is a highly researched topic, and more recent studies from 2006 show that 89% of the NHS staff will miss some part of their hand,...
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