Effectiveness of Training and Development

Topics: Non-governmental organization, Corporate social responsibility, Non-profit organization Pages: 14 (4349 words) Published: December 16, 2012


The problem and its context2

Literature review5

Methodology and data collection9

Project Report structure11

Timetable and resources13



Non Governmental Organisations and Non Profit Organisations play a determinant role in our Mauritian Society. NGOs are surviving but with lots of problems such as financial, Management and also staffing issues. The Finance and Audit under the Ministry of Social Security, National Solidarity and Senior Citizen Welfare & Reform Institutions created an NGO Trust Fund in the years 1999 to contribute to the development of NGOs through institutional support and assistance. Moreover the Government of Mauritius made it compulsory for every Company to have at least 2% of their revenue toward the development of the community at large, this is known as the Social Corporate Responsibility (CSR). Our main aim in doing this assignment is to find sustainable solutions to the main problems NGOs are currently facing.

Be it in Mauritius or internationally they all have the same main difficulty that is of funding. ‘Because of lack of funds, about half of the full-time staff are unpaid, and many lack appropriate insurance’ (China Daily April 24, 2006). This shows that funding of NGOs is a worldwide phenomenon and even superpowers like China have problem in finding the appropriate funds for their NGOs. Why do NGOs lack funds? Are Governments allocating enough budget to NGOs? Is CSR really contributing for the betterment of the Mauritian NGOs? Who can be sponsoring these NGOs? Are NGOs correctly managing the budget given to them and do they have the right person at the right place? Why are there not enough volunteers to work for NGOs? These are the questions that still do not have concrete answers for the meanwhile.

To be able to find appropriate solutions to the problems encountered by NGOs, we are going to carry out questionnaire surveys and also interviews of Managers from specific targeted NGOs. Based on these information we will be able to structure some possible solutions. Moreover we will be doing hypothesis testing to be able to determine the independent and dependent variables of the main parties involved. Consequently we will be able to have an overview of how these stakeholders and elements must be working together and how we are going to make them work together. Also one of our main aims is to know whether the employees of these NGOs are competent enough to perform the particular tasks they are given.


Problem definition
NGOs are facing serious problems which are mostly lack of fund despite a CSR fund, no clear policy, no voluntary to help, no two way communications from the public, difficulties to have sponsorship, amongst others. However NGOs are still here.

Research Questions
1. How NGOs convince firms to sponsor them?
2. What makes their project accepted in the society?
3. What are the strategies adopted to survive without profit motives? 4. What are the challenges encountered by NGOs?
5. Why is that, MACOSS being the representatives of NGOs are not able to solve the problems? 6. How effective are MACOSS in terms of transparency and communication? 7. What can be done to strengthen NGOs in Mauritius?

NGOs are the body of literature and the variables which can be used to make hypothesis formulation are: * NGOs and government grant
* NGOs and sponsorship
* NGOs and public
* NGOs and finance
* NGOs and profit

Independent Variables| SponsorshipPublic|
Dependent Variables| Government grantFinanceProfit|

NGOS and government grant
* Ho- NGOs are not highly dependent on government grant
* H1- NGOs are dependent on government grant
NGOs and sponsorship
* Ho- Sponsorship does not accept NGOs
* H1- Sponsorship accept NGOs
NGOs and public
* Ho- The public is not...
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