Effect of Bullying

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Essay: Effect of Bullying on Victim

According to National School Safety Center, "it is estimated that approximately 2.1 million are bullies and 2.7 million are their victims" ( "facts and statistics"). Bullying can be define as unwanted, aggressive behavior physically or verbally harassment involving an imbalance of power gang up on a victim or someone else. According to SAFE survey, 77 percent of the students are been bullied in the school ( "school bullying statistics"). The effect of bullying on victims anxiety, problem with sleep, loss in academic performance and suicide.

The most common effect of bullied is anxiety. This is the emotions where victims gets anxious about when and where next attack would occur or may feel generalized throughout the day.

Another effects of bullying on victims is problem with sleeping. they have high range of sleeping issue where hard to fall asleep. while they are asleep, they would have nightmare which tended to be vivid and menacing.

Other effect of bullying is loss in academic performance. According to study in 2001 by the Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence, it was estimated that more than 100,00 students in grade 9-12 stayed at home at once in 30 days because they think if they go, they get bullied again. they won't participated in any other activities which school or college has organized won have any kind of concentration on his schoolwork.

The last effect of bullying is suicide. According to surveyed, 50% had revealed that they have thought of commit tin suicide out of which 20% had been trying to commit suicide. On the internet, there is a new term came up "bullycide" which has basic meaning those who suicide by being bullied.

This is the story of a girl named Amanda who committed suicide after been bullied in school and on cyber. Amanda...
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