Why Bulling Is Bad

Topics: Bullying, Abuse, Verbal abuse Pages: 2 (603 words) Published: April 1, 2012
For most people, bullying is a way to feel better about themselves, feel important, and control other people. People also think they will be popular if they make fun of others and spread gossip. So what makes a bully? How do they become what they are? Children tend to become bullies if they are nervous or angry when a child is bullied they become a bully like a mental defence if a child is bullied at home from abusive family or friends, being hit or just plain neglected can trigger the child not having any control at home so to feel better about themselves they try to take control outside of the house following in the caregivers abusive example they take it out on others in the school yard So what effects does bullying have on the child? Im sure all of you have heard that bullying lead to suicide but did you know it can also lead to psychotic issues?! British researchers say teens who were bullied persistently when they were younger are more likely than others their age to have hallucinations, delusions, or other psychotic symptoms... Before suicide there is depression bullies can make people turn on each other... they manipulate the victims friends into making the victim the bad guy the victim could end up with no support inside school and be left feeling alone and helpless.. the victim has no control at all They become depressed but bullying can also have other results like crime, resorting to drugs and alcohol ,chains of violence, but also learning to stand up for yourself but then again these are only some and every teenager is different So what do you do about a bully there is a lot you can do about a bully but it could be hard to find one that works.. you could try talking to a teacher your parents or a counsellor, the best way is telling someone out trust about what has been going on so they can got to the school and sort it out. If you decide to just confront the bully try not to provoke him even though it might be hard in that situation Bullying is not...
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