Economic Analysis of Dabur

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Suraj Kumar (47)

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Mayank Ahuja (40)

Tale of contents:

1) Executive summary

2) Overview of FMCG sector in India

3) Product overview

4) History and mission of company

5) Types of products

6) Demand and supply analysis

7) Analysis report

8) Retailers

9) Price and demand

10) Competitors analysis

11) Selling and distribution

12) Customer preference

13) Demand forecasting

14) Recommendations

15) Conclusions

16) References


“Words often fail to express one’s feelings of gratitude and indebtedness to one’s benefactors, but then it is the only readily available medium through which the undersigned can express their sincere thanks to all those who are associated with the work in one way or another.” A project can never exist and thrive in solitude. Project work is never the work of an individual. It is more a combination of use, suggestion and contributions and work involving many individuals. This project also bears the impact of many people. Thus, one of the most pleasant parts of writing this report is the opportunity to thank all those who have been active part in it. I am thankful to Ms.Namita Kapoor for her vital inputs and valuable suggestions and continuous guidance, which have gone a long way in providing necessary impetus to our efforts in consummating this report. I am thankful to our professors from Economics department for their vital inputs regarding the project work. I am also thankful to friends who helped me in understanding of the topic given in an easier way.

Executive Summary

This report aims at analyzing and reporting on the economic analysis of Dabur India Ltd (DIL) for the brand Dabur real fruit juices. The real fruit was launched in 1995 with as its first product. In the very first year of its launch it crossed Rs. 100 million in turnover. Over the years, real fruit juice has come to be amongst the company’s highest selling brands. Real fruit juice is a comparatively young brand but is already acknowledged for the qualitatively influential and pioneering role that it has played in the evolution of the categories it has had a presence in. Dabur real fruit juice is the leader in the juice category and enjoys a market share of 61 per cent. In 50’s Dabur pioneered the concept of branded juice and since has invested heavily in product development, clinical studies and consumer awareness. The product is essentially a health supplement.

This report is not aiming at the overall economic analysis of Dabur India Ltd, but is an attempt to analyze the economic strategy of Dabur’s real fruit juices. The report also enlists various recommendations based on BCG Growth Share Matrix analysis, Ansoff’s Product Matrix Expansion Grid, SWOT Analysis etc. This analysis has been done on the basis of the information gathered from the company’s website and other online resources and books and articles.


Following are the major objective of study:-

1. To study the impact of Economic Policies on Economic Strategy of Dabur Foods.

2. To study the Consumer, Buying behavior.

3. To study the problems faced by Dabur.


Being student of MBA it is very essential for me to have a practical knowledge in an organisation. Only to study business administration course knowledge is not the solution of the problems, which arise in practical field. There is a certain formula for any particular problem, but the aim of this study is to develop the ability of decision making. A right decision at right time and right place itself helps an organization to run smoothly.

This study gives an idea of all economic activities. So the way a problem is solved right decision making and knowledge of different types of making activities give much importance to the study.

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