What Is the Effect of Immigration to the Uk on Its Labour Market?

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  • Published : April 30, 2013
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Research Journal Summative Task
|Name: Group: Date: | | | |Project title:What is the effect of immigration to the UK on its labour market? |

The source I am going to analyse - Dustmann, C., Fabbri, F. and Preston, I. (2005) The Impact of Immigration on the British Labour Market, The Economic Journal, 115(507), pp. F324-F341 - is a journal. I found this source in the JSTOR, which is a reliable academic database.

The article is an overview of an academic study written by three university academics and published by the Economic Journal, which is a very reputable journal in good economic field and has eight issues a year. I researched the authors of the original study, and they are both professors in their field who have published many articles.

It was published in 2005. Although the historical information remains the same, the current situation may have changed since then.

This article introduces background information on the history and causes of labour immigration. It uses data which is from the British Labour Force Survey to provide an empirical research of the immigration influence on the local labour in the UK. According to the discussion of the theoretical economic mechanisms, the article shows that the overall technology immigration distribution is similar to native born workers. The article indicates that, according to the differences of educations, immigration has influences on employment, participation, unemployment and wages. All this information is relevant to my research question.

As the information is published in a famous journal and based on a study by three reputable professors, it...
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