Preserve Use of Fruits Market

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Submitted To:
Dr. Mst. Dilruba Khanam
Associate Professor
Marketing Studies & International Marketing.
University of Chittagong

Submitted By:
Abdul Wahed
BBA (4th year)
Class Roll-5166
Exam Roll-2003/75
Session- 2002-2003
Marketing Studies & International Marketing.
University of Chittagong

DATE OF SUBMISSION: August 11, 2008
Letter of Submission

August 11, 2008

Dr.Mst.Dilruba Khanam
Associate Professor,
Marketing Studies & International Marketing.
University of Chittagong

Subject: Submission of Term Paper Report.

Dear Sir,

It is a great pleasure for me to submit the Term paper report on “Preserve use of Fruits market”. I am submitting this report as a part of my B.B.A. Program. This report will help the people to find out related factors which influence their decision making to select a fruits market. I tried my best to gather relevant information for preparing a complete report by following Term paper proposal. Without the sincere co-operation and proper guidance of you, it is not possible for me to prepare the report.

I hope you will asses my report considering the limitations and mistakes of the study. Your kind advice will encourage me to do further research in future.

Thank you.

Sincerely yours

Abdul Wahed
B.B.A (4th Year)
Marketing Studies & International Marketing.
Class Roll No: 5166
Exam. Roll No: 2003/75
Session: 2002-2003
University of Chittagong.


To submit a term paper report is part and parcel of our BBA program. With a view to shaping human abilities it is necessary for a human to amass practical knowledge along with the theoretical exercises. Without practical knowledge it is difficult for a man to cope himself with a new environment.. This study program is a partly effort to enrich the knowledge of the students in practice field after completing our theoretical examination.

I am a student of B.B.A., Department of Marketing. My topic is to assess Preserve use of Fruits market. Though it is very difficult to collect all kinds of information from the organization and the market, I have tried my level best to present a real picture of the scenario of the market environment.

In the present competitive arena, only the fittest and qualified business people will survive. At present time, BBA and MBA are very lucrative degrees for the business personnel’s and the submission of term paper report is a very important part of the BBA examination. During the study period, the students get the opportunity to show their theoretical skill in practical field. If they accomplish it successfully, they will be the future business talent and play important role in trade, commerce, industrialization and future economic as well as infrastructure development of the country. I, as a student of Marketing took this opportunity and attempted to focus the every points of the topic.

This report will provide some recommendation, which I believe my contribution to take any concrete decision. I have given all my efforts towards making it a perfect one.


At first, I am supposed to express the gratefulness from the core of my heart to the Term paper Supervisors honorable Teacher Dr.Mst.Dilruba Khanam , Associate Professor, for providing me detailed feedback and advice on this report. He always gave me his valuable suggestions in making this study as flawless as possible. My deepest appreciation also goes to the fruits market.

In the preparation and finalization of this term paper report, I acknowledge the encouragement and assistance given by a number of people and institution. I am most grateful to the people who give me the opportunity to complete my report in their esteemed organization....
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