Early Filipino

Topics: Worship, Prayer, Moon Pages: 1 (327 words) Published: August 2, 2012
Early Filipinos are believed to have been dull-minded if it weren’t for the Spaniards who invaded their country who taught how to make pottery, boats (banka) and houses. Spaniards say that they would’ve been nothing if it weren’t for them, that Filipinos would not have a religion, or that Filipinos would not have improved their lifestyle or that Filipinos would have stayed barbaric and dull-minded. But, this is false, the Bangang Manunggul or the Manunggul Jar is made by the Filipinos before the Spaniards even arrived therefore this is considered as evidence of the knowledge of the Filipinos weren’t all from the Spaniards after all. The Manunggul Jar was a secondary burial (secondary because they wait for the body to decay in the first burial before fitting it in the Manunggul Jar) for the Filipinos where in it is designed with waves of the ocean which is represented by swirls and the jar’s cover is a boat with 2 monkey looking Filipinos where in one of them is rowing the boat and the other is a passenger who has his arms crossed on his chest. This symbolises that Filipinos believed in the afterlife as with the same concepts as the Greeks. These jars were kept and destroyed by the Spaniards due to their pride of creating the idea that they are the reason why Filipinos had knowledge of such things. The Filipinos also believed in animismo which is a process of praying to anito which live in nature. The modern term for “anito” are saints. The Filipinos pray to the anito, for the anito to pray for them to their king of Gods, “Bathala”. The Filipinos have worshiped different kinds of Gods like the sun for its brightness and beauty, or the moon for its gracefulness and purity. They even worshiped the crocodiles in fear of the creatures eating them. This just proves that Filipinos already believed in Gods long before the Spaniards came.
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