A Simple Analysis of the Philippine Pre-Historic Era: Restoring the Filipino Pride

Topics: Philippines, Mindanao, Cagayan de Oro City Pages: 12 (4045 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Philippine Discovered Treasures and its Connection to the Filipino Origin a Simple Analysis Warren Amante Mabao

Men may live for thousand of years without having a life that may be called historical; for history is formed only where there are credible written records of events. Until we have these records, we have no grounds for historical study, but leave the field to another study, which we call Archeology, or Pre-historic Culture Barrows 12.

Theories, notions, and speculations regarding the origin of Filipino people had been enshrouding the field of the Philippine history prior to the coming of the Spaniards and even before the Islamic infiltration in the country. Naturally, everything will start in such a manner of discovering something, specially the origin of something, until all unclear events of the past will become a clear evidence of the existence of something in the present. Perhaps the problem of some historians and archaeologists is that they have/had been building some sort of firewall between one work and the other or in some instances proving the work of some past historians as non-realistic or some kind of legend such as the story of “Marikudo and the Ten Bornean Datus” whom referred in the supposed later findings as the “Legend of Maragtas”, which simply means of no realistic origin being regarded only as legend, for legend is something that is widely believed but cannot be proved to be true (Webster's Dictionary).

In this paper, let us try to connect the works of some historians and/or archaeologists or of some archaeological discoveries in order to make at least a little attempt to establish a story of the possible eventualities before and after the coming or establishment of Islamic culture in the Philippines. The establishment of Islam is also a very important part in the backbone of Philippine history as Dr. Renato Constantino asserted that no Philippine history can be complete without the study of Muslim development (1990). Whether it be an archaeological discoveries, or perhaps a story pass through by words of mouth authenticated by historians or not, connecting them in one way or another may give some sort of enlightenment or maybe will lead one to make his own investigation and contribute to the establishment of reality of a certain past, especially the past that would strengthen Filipino pride.

The documentary of the Philippine Treasures, which was recently initiated by GMA is very useful in this attempt to form the story of origin of the Filipino people, wherein a huge part of it would closely relate to the work of Fr. Francis C. Marigan in his “Early History of Cagayan de Oro” and the Asian history comprising the power transition between these two great Indonesian empires ranging from the 7th until the 15th century before the coming of the western civilization in southeast Asia, particularly the Philippines. A historical base Eskrimadors documentary, which was created by the POINTSOURCE Film provides a realistic directional calculation on the arrival of the Indonesians in the central part of the Philippines, which has all the possibility of expanding their territory to the Mindanao area. This short archaeological base historical study is aimed towards contributing an effective benchmark towards understanding the foundation of Filipino culture, heritage, and educational development.

I. The First Settlers
Imagine a place full of the bounties of nature with all the minerals and different species of animals from fouls in the air to ground mammals down to the fishes and all that lives in salt and fresh waters. Yes, the first settlers in this country enjoyed all the gift of nature and lived as if they were not bothered by the maladies brought by scarcity. This people are the nomad groups who came to the place through land bridges and live peacefully merging with nature.

These nomads scattered all over the place and, as...
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