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Topics: Project management, Risk management, Dairy Queen Pages: 22 (5631 words) Published: August 21, 2008
Description of the Project
qThis business plan will outline the opening of a new Dairy Queen franchise on Euclid Avenue in Cleveland, Ohio. Dairy Queen is a thriving national franchise with great name recognition. This project plan will discuss the construction requirements, franchise fees and timeline needed before operation can begin. The Euclid Corridor is a section of Euclid Avenue on the eastern side of Cleveland. Currently a streetscape project is taking place to beautify the corridor and increase the public transportation available. Ultimately, the project will connect the downtown Cleveland area with the University Circle area. These are the two largest employment centers within Northeastern Ohio. In addition, Cleveland State University and Case Western Reserve University will be connected. This booming street project will connect a large amount of people and create opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Problem/Result Statement
qThe Euclid Corridor project is set to be complete at the end of the year 2008. The corridor will increase foot and public traffic within Cleveland. Due to the increase in people within the area, there will be a need for new businesses and restaurants. This project will create a Dairy Queen Franchise in a fast growing, high volume area of Cleveland. In addition, building a Dairy Queen will allow the restaurant to serve items other than ice cream. During the winter months when ice cream isn’t eaten as frequently, the restaurant will be able to serve other fast food. This project will be profitable and income from the franchise will be sustainable.

Table of Contents
Executive Summary Page 3
Dairy Queen Company Information Page 4
Dairy Queen Treat Center Menu Page 5
General Franchise Information Page 6
Dairy Queen Treat Center Requirements Page 7
Ice Cream Facts Page 8
Euclid Ave Demographics Page 9
Mission Justification Page 10
Project Scope Page 11
Measuring Success and Best Practices Page 12
Tasks and Milestones Page 13
Risks and Mitigation Plans Page 14
Risk Matrix Page 15
Change Management Plan Page 16
Risk Management Learning’s Page 17
Communication Procedures Page 18
Forecasted Timeline Page 19
Project Closure Phase Page 20
Audit Process Page 21
Cost Estimates Page 22
Project Life Cycle Learning’s Page 23
References Page 24

Executive Summary
Total Cash Required: $421,000

qKey Management Group, if selected, will begin doing business with the investment group August 2008. The project will involve all implementation procedures required to open an ice cream shop on Euclid Ave, Cleveland, Ohio.

qWith the current Euclid Corridor Project, foot traffic will be increased. This will also increase the chance for impulse buys. With no ice cream shop currently in the vicinity, KMG feels that brand recognition is important to maximize the impulse buying possibilities

qKMG feels that by buying a Dairy Queen Franchise the brand recognition will be accomplished. A certain level of trust is instilled in the customer when they recognize the name they see on the sign. Dairy Queen has a great reputation for providing not only great ice cream, but also a variety of frozen desserts. The Treat Center will also give you the opportunity to carry select food items for those that need a quick warm snack. There will truly be something for everyone.

qThe financial forecasts included in this business plan demonstrate that a positive net income will begin from month one with a break-even point of the original investment in just over five years.

qKMG plans to manage the project with the investors best intrest in mind at all times. We will hold a bi-weekly meeting to discuss the progress of the project. During this meeting, we will review the project plan and where we are on the project plan, the main risks of the project and how we are managing the risks and also a color coding of each of the...
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