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The Process for the Software Project Management Plan

CEC500: Software Project Management
Mr. Frank Gutcher

Team 5: Junzhen Shao
Yuze Jiang
Ren Zhang

Table of ContentsTitle PageTable of ContentsChange historyOver viewReference1 Managerial Process Plan 1.1 Start-up Plan 1.1.1 Pre-task plan 1.1.2 Estimation Plan 1.1.3 Staffing Plan 1.1.4 Staff Training Plan 1.2 Work Plan 1.2.1Schedule Allocation Plan 1.2.2Resource Allocation plan 1.2.3Budget Allocation plan 1.3 Control plan 1.3.1 Requirement Control plan 1.3.2 Schedule control plan 1.3.3Quality control plan2 Tecnical Process Plan 2.1 Process plan 2.1.1 Product Description plan 2.1.2 Project Organization plan 2.1.3 Process development Plan 2.2 Project Method and Facility plan 2.3 Process Acceptance Plan3 Supporting Plan 3.1 configuration management plan 3.2 Documentation plan 3.3 Quality assurance plan 3.4 Problem resolution plan 3.5 Intergration and close up plan 3.6 Process improvement plan4 Risk management5 AppendicesA Team RolesBTeam Schedule, Tasks, and Time LogsC Team Meeting Motes| 123456667910121213141515161718181822252728303032333537394143434452| Change History

Version| Create Date| Change parts| Revise date| Team leader signature | First| 02/04/13| 1.1.1| 02/05/13| Junzhen Shao|
Second| 02/09/13| 3.2.2| 02/11/13| Junzhen Shao|
Third| 02/10/13| 4| 02/11/13| Junzhen Shao|


Project summary:
1. Purpose ,scope and objectives:
This project is needed to build a process of developing and documenting a project management plan by the team .The plan will be capable to lead the team finish up the whole project that satisfy all the requirements by the customers. 2. Deliverables: This project will include bunch of deliverables stuff which include: 3.1 A hard copy of the software project planning process developed by your team. 2.2 A soft copy, deposited in the team folder on Blackboard, of the software project planning process developed by your team. 2.3 A copy of Task and Schedule planning Templates for completing the project. 2.4 Copies of Meeting Report Forms from your team.

2.5 A copy of Team Role Assignments.
2.6 A completed copy of Contribution Assessment form from each team member evaluating team members. 3. Schedule and budget summary:
This project is built by a three man team; include a team leader, a recorder and a communicator. The whole team is in charge the work of building the project. During the pre-task meeting a task schedule and individual work has been assigned. The major part of the project is divided by three parts so that each person can do their own job individually then catches up the team meeting and integral them together. During the final period the whole teams get up together do the final inspection and finish the time log and note book.

In conclusion the project has been done on schedule and not over budget.


“IEEE Standard for Software Project Management Plans “(1998),Software Engineering Standards Committee of the IEEE Computer Society. “The Process for the Software Project Management Plan”(2011), Mr. Frank Gutcher.

Managerial Process Plan

1.1 Start-up Plan

1.1.1 Pre-task Plan
* Purpose: To make the team to start on the project.
* General: 1. Form a team and assign the roles to them.
2.Decide the meeting and place as well as ways of communication.
3. Explain the objectives for the project.

1.1.2 Size and Cost Estimation
* Purpose: Guiding the development of scale and cost of the project. * General: The team will estimate the size and cost of the project using empirical models. * Entry Criteria: Product description.

* Activity:
Product Breakdown:
* Review the product description and the rough architecture obtained in the product...
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