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1. Describe Teresa Earnhardt’s leadership style. What do you think the advantages and drawbacks of her style?-

Teresa Earnhardt leadership depends on the situation. She was more effective leader depends on the situation of the organization. These traits are belonging to the Contingency theory. She uses her quite demeanor and strong determination and characteristics to make her organization more successful (trait and behavior theory). Some instances that she has been an auto cratic leader because she has the attitude that she’s not comfortable with having engaged in small talks wherein she doesn’t need the suggestions of others like her late husband Dale who died on an accident. Dale was anadamant, spontaneous and headstrong leader. - The advantages on this leadership style are that the company may achieve its goals in a shorter period of time or time constrains and resource constrains. The drawback on this is that her employees and subordinates may tend to reveal against her because of her leadership style.

2. Do you think it’s easy for a leader to change his or her preferred style?

Explain. What are the implications for leadership training? - It’s difficult to adapt on change for a leadership style because as a leader, you think that you are more effective if you prefer the said style. It is your trait or way to be a leader to achieve a goal for the benefit of the organization. It is yourself to know what is the best you to be a leader- Your leadership style may more enhance. In training, you will be able to discover or you will know about or something that you think it is the right thing to do as a leader. Your characteristics and traits may change because you realize something about your leading style. In that way, it’s easy for a leader to adapt change on the style of leadership.

3. What challenges does a...
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