Doughnut Industry

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  • Published : September 13, 2010
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B.      SWOT Analysis


-  TEAM MEMBERS teamwork. Employees move in harmony towards one direction towards one shared corporate goal. - Affordable prices of the products.
- Excellent staff who are highly trained and very customer attentive. - High customer loyalty among repeat customers.
-Have high marketing budget to develop brand awareness.
- Strive to be a conscientious organization especially in the aspect of protecting the environment and the way of caring for the future generations.


- Stores are not accessible
- Do not have an effective advertisement approach
- Lack of presentable and appealing doughnuts
- Food portions are not reasonable to its price


 -Availability of franchises.
- Internet potential for selling products to other markets.
- A strong distributor network.
- Mister Donut provide very competitive levels of compensation and benefits for its chosen team members.  


-  The price of different ingredients and raw materials especially high quality coffee beans is increasing. - Future/potential competition from a national and international company. -  The growing trend of a healthier lifestyle being adopted by the people is a threat as they try to avoid the high calorie or sugary food. - Main competitors that offer similar kind of food items and there is a chance of customers switching to other food products that can cause a large reduction in the market share of Mister Donut.   

C.      Competitive Profile Matrix and Analysis

|Competitive Factor | |Mister Donut |Dunkin Donut |Go Nuts Donut |Krispy Kreme | | |Weight |Rating Score |Rating Score |Rating Score | Rating Score | |Product Quality |.20 |2...
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