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The Donor Services Department Case-Discussion Questions

March 9, 2004

1. What was Joanna Reed's diagnosis of the situation in the donor services department?

Sam Wilson was an American who ran the Guatemala branch of a U.S. aid agency. Joanna Reed's diagnosis of the situation in his donor services department found many problems.

LEADERSHIP - The biggest problem was that there was no leader who was accountable. Elena was the supervisor but she had no control. She also had no leadership skills and did not get respect because she was not bilingual and of a different religion. The supposed leader, Jose, spent almost all his time in the community services department. He did not pay attention and left things up to Elena.

INEFFICIENCY IN WORK - The translators mostly did clerical work even though they were bilingual. The work in the office was divided into set tasks, one done by each person, and not divided evenly. Some workers had too much paperwork while the others had spare time. Those that had spare time did not help those loaded with work. There was also lack of training in English and in work, so quality was bad. The workers did not think about the job and used many extra steps and wasted time.

TRACKING - The data was not shared in the department, so people had little knowledge about their job. There were no statistics about time, requests for information, or responses. There was little communication, plus there was resentment of Elena by some. Jose did not hear about problems or about good results.

MORALE - The agency was run by a religion and Elena was not of that religion. However, everyone was proud of the agency and the religion. But morale was low because the workers did not use or improve their skills and had only a set and boring role to do. They are frustrated with the department.

GROUP DYNAMICS - One translator Magdalena had experience, college education, and maturity. She had strong belief in the agency and was more...
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