Community Services

Topics: Human, Developmental psychology, Morality Pages: 2 (407 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Unit Name and Number Confirm client developmental status
Element of Competencies
1.Apply knowledge of human development
2.Check client’s developmental status
3.Identify developmental issues
4.Check for and respond appropriately to specific issues
AQF Level 4/5
Assessment Tools
1. Research and analyse developmental stage
Evidence required Evidence should demonstrate competence in; 1. Apply knowledge of human development
2. Check client’s developmental status
3. Identify developmental issues
4. Check for and respond appropriately to specific issues
Critical aspects of assessment
You will need to be able to demonstrate to have;
• Detailed knowledge of aspects of development of the human being throughout the lifespan • Knowledge of key factors that may impact on the individual at identified stages • Understanding of legal obligations

• Appropriate range of referral sources and associated protocols • Legislative requirements and provisions relevant to area of services delivery and delegated responsibility • Awareness of own values and attitudes and their potential impact on clients • Indicators of significant issues.

• Child protection policy of service
It is also critical that you can demonstrate the ability to; • Observe and question clients appropriately
• Confirm clients development status prior to delivering service • Identify variations from normal development status and being able to refer potentially serious issues in line with organisational requirements • Identify potential factors responsible for significant variations from normal development Diploma in Community Services Work • Articulate scope of practise and boundaries

• Comply with mandatory reporting requirements where appropriate Confirm client developmental status – CHCLD415A
Assessment 1 Research and analyse a developmental stage
Date due Week 7
Status Graded (Must Pass)
Length/duration 1000 – 1500 words
Participation Individual
You will choose a...
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