Domino Methodology

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Management and Operation

Business management because throughout this view we may consult many way o upgrade the business when we bring it to another country. The main element in this business management is first of all we need to know Malaysia economy and basic information this why because then only we will able to change our marketing value. Not only have that in business management we also will learn to known Find out business registration requirement, Get loans, Find market information, Find competitor and supplier, Prepare a Business Plan and also Decide of a Business Structure.

Apart from this, when we need to open up a new company we also need to know certain procedure like Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM). The function of Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM) SSM has nationwide presence through its headquarters located in Kuala Lumpur as well as branch offices in all the states in Malaysia. Not only has that SSM also served as a depository and custodian of corporate and business information. Such information is vital to enable the business community to make informed business decisions and to enable members of the public to carry out verifications.

According to business management review we also might to know the statistic of There are company which more than 600,000 registered companies in Malaysia and approximately 4000 foreign companies, majority of them are companies limited by shares. Besides that we also can talk about loan for start a business which will be the capital cash for all the beginning of the business. There are nine licensed commercial banks operating in Malaysia. In addition to offering normal banking services, commercial banks may accept deposits denominated in foreign currencies from non-residents, loan foreign currencies to residents or syndicate such loans for productive purposes or for the purchase of Malaysian assets owned by non-residents.

A Business Plan is a document that underlines in details the important elements of a business that cover initial plan, market study, capital needs, marketing strategies, sales and profit projection and so on. Apart from recording all the key information in one place for future reference, a business plan is also needed when an entrepreneur plans to obtain financial help from financial institutions when the need to expand the business arises.

The important of planning is to allow the entrepreneur evaluate and assess his or her business viability from various aspects, especially the technical and financial parts, To become a blueprint, or guide after the business is successfully launched to study the market condition, trend and competition, and conclude if the business will have a good prospect to prosper, or otherwise to be used during negotiation with financial bodies, in order to obtain loan or expansion capital. In other hand why need business plan is to outline the topics and segments of your Business Plan so that you (or the reader) will have an easy access to different scopes of the Business Plan. Each topic in the Business Plan must be written in such a way that the reader can skip any part of the earlier section and come back to it later. State clearly the purpose of the business plan writing so easy to start a business. Once planning have complete we can start for a submission for financial loan from specific institution. After that Is it a plan for a start up operation, or an expansion plan for an existing business.

In business we also should know the marketing plan and strategies this why because then only we able to conclude the business whether it will reach the customer satisfaction or not. There are certain elements to prove that why we need to know marketing strategies first of all a very important aspect of a Business Plan.

In fact, many loans are rejected due to lack of effective marketing plans and strategies in the Business plan. Embark on a very detailed analysis of the market condition so that you will be...
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