Introduction Into Marketing

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  • Published : December 19, 2012
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Marketing is by definition, “the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably. It is recommended within a company that every member is aware and partly responsible for the marketing strategy. Adopting the Marketing Concept or being Market Orientated is not the only option into which a company can progress down. The other three areas are, 1. Sales Orientated – where by the main focus of the company is selling whatever the product is and through every avenue that is available to them. 2. Product Orientated – where the focus is on what is made or supplied by the company and 3. Production Orientated – where the focus is the making of affordable products and increasing efficiency in the production process. There are three key characteristics within the Marketing Concept that should be adopted by any company wanting to be successful. These are: meeting the needs and wants of the customer; long term planning to meet business goals and objectives; and creating a holistic marketing environment within the business. Alongside the characteristics of the marketing concept, the company must also take account of the environmental factors that will influence its continuing success. These environmental factors can be split into two inter-related elements, called Micro and Macro Environmental Factors. Micro factors are internal to the company and include suppliers of materials, good or deliveries, and customer and competitors. Macro factors encompass all forces and agencies external to the company itself. These will include the demographic, economic, political and cultural environments. Taking a look at the Britvic Company, it can be seen that there are a number of micro environmental factors that have influenced its growth over the years. One of the most important was when Ralph Chapman, owner of the British Vitamin Products Company (better known as Britvic Soft Drinks), recognised that the effects of the Great Depression in the UK meant that his poorest customers required an affordable source of Vitamin C, so he found a way of producing bottled fruit juices that stayed fresh for longer but had no additional preservatives. As Britvic grew in strength, it purchased brands of soft drinks and franchises, like Tango, Pepsi, 7Up, and Robinsons, to name but a few. This strategy has led to the company now being the number two branded soft drinks business in the UK, and the number one supplier of all branded still drinks in the UK. An important factor contributing to the success of Britvic is their marketing intermediaries, whereby they supply over 200,000 outlets across the country, including leading supermarkets, corners shops, restaurants and cinemas. They also provide fully serviced vending machines, many of which are in the public sector. As well as the micro environmental factors, Britvic must also consider Macro Environmental Factors to achieve continuing success. For example, due to a change in legislation on television advertising of food and drink to children under 16, the company was forced to change its marketing tactics, and adopted sponsorship and celebrity endorsement. This can be clearly seen in their association with healthy sporting activities; for example, Robinsons has a long-standing association with Wimbledon Tennis Championships. Britvic also promoted the Tango brand using a combination of poster, radio and newspaper adverts in 2009. The promotion was aimed at children under 16, so they used competitions and fun, humorous advertisements, which would attract the attention of their desired consumer group. Since 2000, there has been a change in the demographic environment, caused by a change in health awareness, has had an impact on the company, both at consumer and government level. This led Britvic to develop a new product, Tango Clear, which is a still drink, with no added sugar, designed to attract older consumers. To ensure the continuing growth of the...
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