Nokia Analysis

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Nokia is a well known brand in the world of mobile communication and it is the world leader in the industry because of its history, name, reliability and unique products and provision of protected solutions. It is one of the most well-known companies and it has offices all over the world. The main product of Nokia is mobile phones and it also deals in household items. Nokia recognizes its corporate responsibility and states that “in all parts of business it makes corporate responsibility a part of decision making’’. Mission statement: Nokia is “CONNECTING PEOPLE”

Goal: The goal of Nokia  “In every business place where WE operate to be a good corporate citizen and be an accountable and causative member of society and serve young people to structure their own place in the world”. Target market: The target market of Nokia is spread widely. The demand of Nokia products is worldwide and it has given first choice on other cellular companies of the world.  If we compare the rates of Nokia with other similar companies then it come to know that Nokia has low rates compared to others, and the performance of Nokia products is very good and have many interesting features so most people prefer Nokia. Nokia products have big market place in Asia, America and the Middle East. Due to manufacturing of Nokia products in GSM and AMPS technologies, it meets requirement of every kind of customers. MICRO AND MACRO ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS:

Marketing environment: The factors outside the market which affect the capability of marketing management in developing and continuing successful transactions within target customers. Categories of marketing environment:

1.  Micro environment
2. Micro environment
Micro environment:
The following factors are micro environmental and affect the organization: * Dealers
* Consumers
* Competitor
* Marketing rules
* General public
Macro environment:
The following factors are macro environmental and affect the organization: * Trade and industry environment
* Political environment
* Cultural environment
* Technological environment
* Demographic environment
Nokia has huge market and demand, but we can consider some companies as competitors of Nokia which include the following: * Samsung
* Motorola
* Ericson
* Sony
* Siemens
When we analyze these companies separately, we can conclude that these companies have also big market but when we compare it with Nokia we can conclude that these companies do not have same level of market. Social factors

Every employee of Nokia is influenced by Nokia performance and status which result in problems such as problems of physical condition, protection, safety, relationship among employees, human rights and corporate citizenship. Business environment

Nokia competes in both general and particular level.  It competes generally in global telecommunication and particularly in mobile industry and all its products have fast growth, change and union. WHY CHANGE?

Why organizations need to make change or changes? Prior to deciding about the change, all organizations must recognize the causes for change. The organization is the place where different people working together to arrive at the expansion for the business. Therefore, an organization is the brain of business. The collective aim of all employees is the success of the business and they collectively think for some possibilities on how to bring success in life. The organization is main part of the business. It consists of different inventive brains and if the ideas are not sufficient, the organization starts the brainstorming sessions. Some changes are bad for the organizations and some changes are good for the business. Changes invite the employees to share new ideas. ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE IN NOKIA

Some organizations make change regularly to keep in business and competitive. Nokia started its business by producing tools and equipments which were...
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