P1 P1 – Describe How Marketing Techniques Are Used to Market Products in Two Organisations.

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  • Published : February 26, 2013
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Unit 3 P1
P1 – describe how marketing techniques are used to market products in two organisations. Overall concept:
The main thing behind marketing in a business is finding the customer’s needs and produce the product/ services to satisfy their needs, this way the customer can choose what they would want included in their product/ service. A business that follows this rule is market-orientated. There is alternatives orientation for businesses, these are; The production concept:

This is where the business produces in large quantities and distribute in bulk, this is so the customer/ business get the products cheaper as they will be bulk buying. A business that would do this is Walkers. They make thousands of packets and then sells them to large business such as Tesco, Tesco would be able to buy it for cheaper as they will be buying in a very large amount as they can stock allot of products. However charity shops will sell their products and with the entire surplus they send it off to the charity. An example of this is Oxfam, they will sell their products to the public and with all the surplus is sent off to the project they are currently on. The sales concept:

Businesses need to know how to sell their products/ services. If they don’t know how to the business is likely to fail but if a business knows how to sell its goods/ sieves then it is likely to be successful. A type of sales technique is hard selling nor Tesco or Oxfam hard sell but businesses such as Anglian, Everest and Safestyle are usually hard sellers trying to get you to buy double glazing. As you can see some of the sales reps in these businesses have lied about the business just so they can close sales with people on the spot. The marketing Concept:

Marketing concept is different to sales and production as it has to take every step with keeping customers in mind as marketing is based around customer’s needs and wishes. An example for this is Tesco they do this with their Tesco Club card every time you shop you swipe your card and the system knows what the customer purchased, so to bring back the customer they will mail you some vouchers which then makes the customer want to come back into the store and shop again. Another business that uses marketing is Curry’s when you purchase something the sales assistant take down your home address so if they have any offers which are similar to what you bought will send you letter informing you about any offers. Marketing definitions:

Basic definition of marketing is meeting customer needs and wants profitably. Marketing consists of identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably. Objectives:
Private sector
The objectives for a private sector business are to maximise profits and expand all over the world. An example for a private sector business is Tesco. They have businesses in the UK and in America called Fresh & Easy. In the screen shot you can see Tesco’s objectives.

Public sector
The objectives for a public sector business are to provide quality service for the public. An example for this is the NHS as they provide health care for everyone. In the screenshot you can see NHS’s objectives. Voluntary sector

The voluntary sector businesses objectives are to raise money for good causes. An example of this is Oxfam they aid anyone to donate any goods so they can sell them and send the money they produce from the goods they sell given to the public to projects they are currently on. As you can see this is one of Oxfam’s shops where they sell goods that have been donated by the public. Organisational objective

This is a target for the whole business no matter how big it is. A good example of this is Tesco, Tesco’s objective may be to increase market share to 51%. Marketing objective
This is how you are going to achieve it e.g. increase Tesco value products Tesco can produce their own products such as Ben & Jerry ice-cream they can produce a Tesco value version as some people...
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