Signal Cable Company Case Study

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  • Published : May 16, 2012
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Name: Pepple AnnabeL

A marketing oriented company is one that provides for the needs and wants of customer and potiential customers to drive all the company’s strategic decisions. The companies in question should be able to be committed to creating customer value. To achieve meeting customer’s need and wants and most importantly having a suitable competitve adavantage,a market research should be conducted. In focusing on consumers firms can use steps such as researching consumers wants,then the information gotten should be dissiminated around the firm,product developed and finally customer satisfaction is monitored and adjustments made if needed.

A well market oriented firm will have certain qualites:

❖ Extensive use of marketing research

❖ Broad product lines

❖ Emphasis on a product’s benefits to customers rather than on product attributes

❖ Use of product innovation techniques

❖ Ofering services such as credit availabiltiy, delivery, installation and warranty

I will be looking at two electronics company DELL and ACER companies and trying to analyse which best demostrates an effective marketing orientation. Many years ago, I learned that our own limits were like walls surrounding us. They gave us a sense of security, dimension and perspective; they allowed us to get to know everything about the world inside because at the same time they protected us from the world outside. I also learned that people are afraid of breaking down those walls and overcoming their limits, as they’re frightened of losing the sanctuary that limits offer. So if happiness awaits those who overcome their limits, we’re actually taught to fear happiness.

Balls I say. I don’t know about you but I’m all for happiness. .
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