Btec Business Level 3 - Unit 3

Topics: Customer service, Difference, Sales Pages: 2 (337 words) Published: July 2, 2012
Unit 3 – M1

Compare Marketing Techniques Used In Marketing Products in Two Organisations

In this assignment I am going to compare the similarities and differences that marketing techniques described in P1 are used for the product or service chosen in Tesco and Oxfam.

Firstly I will start by discussing the differences between Tesco & Oxfam. Tesco is a supermarket, so their marketing techniques will be completely different to Oxfam as they will have to take an approach that requires customers to continue to spend more money within the same time period, whereas Oxfam customers will have to sponsor a small amount. In order to get customers to keep on coming back Tesco have a database that stores registered customers purchases, so for instance if a customer purchases any baby product, it will be saved on their system so that they can see how frequent the purchase these type of products and give them special offers and money off on related products.

Now I am going to discuss the similarities they have in their marketing techniques. The similarities between Oxfam and Tesco are that they both use several similar types of communication to reach their customers through verbal communication when you visit their stores and have any enquiries you can go to customer services. Written communication such as leaflets for Oxfam to donate money and Tesco has leaflets to show what products have special offers and price reductions. Web-based communication has changed the world forever where both Oxfam and Tesco have setup their websites to market their products, handle customer service, an about us page to see in full detail what the business does etc.

All in all, there aren’t many differences between Tesco and Oxfam even though they are two completely different businesses with very different aims and objectives. They both have a means of communicating with their customers through various ways. The only main difference between Tesco and Oxfam would be that Tesco is a...
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