Do You Think That James Dyson Can Repeat the International Vacuum Cleaner Success with the Hand Dryer Market with Its Dyson Airblade? Why? Why Not?

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  • Published : July 28, 2011
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Do you think that James Dyson can repeat the international vacuum cleaner success with the hand dryer market with its Dyson Airblade? Why? Why not? It is highly unlikely that James Dyson will repeat the international vacuum cleaner success with the Dyson Airblade hand-dryer. The main reason is that a vacuum cleaner is a domestic product and the majority of households cater for one. The Dyson Airblade is a device found mainly in public washrooms. It would be too expensive for a household to install a Dyson Airblade as cheaper means exist. However there are approximately 19.5 million toilets outside private homes and therefore we feel that the Airblade can still be hugely successful and gain a substantial share of the market. The main customers for the Airblade are hotels, restaurants, big enterprises, institutions and airports. When Dyson’s vacuum cleaner was introduced to the market there was no other bag less vacuum cleaners. It was a unique product with a huge demand. However with the introduction of the Airblade, it has had to with stand more sterner competition with products very similar already in the market. I will discuss why I feel James Dyson cannot repeat the same international vacuum success with the Airblade; however I will note the reasons why I believe the Airblade can still prove a success.

The Dyson Vacuum cleaner was introduced into the market at a time when vacuum cleaners performed poorly and users were frequently frustrated with poor suction. Dyson came up with the solution and developed the Root 8 Cyclone, which removes more dust by using eight cyclones. His vacuum cleaner could separate dust by cyclonic action and spin it out of the airstream which eliminated the need for both bag and filter. There was a huge market for this new invention worldwide. His breakthrough into the UK market came in an advertising campaign when he stated that, unlike most of his rivals, his new vacuum cleaner did not require the continuing purchase of...
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