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3.The product details and features2

Product details2
Product features2

4.The target market2

5.The price3

6.The distribution model4

7.The promotional methods5



Along with increasing of standard of living, people have higher and higher requirement of keeping the environment clean. Lots of cleaning products are invented to help householders retain house clean. A new type product is developed to reduce house cleaners’ work and make toilet continuous sanitary. This report analyzes the market for Harpic Max 43g, which is a toilet bowl rim block product. Harpic is a brand name of a toilet bowl cleaner. The brand is launched in England in the 1920s and now owed by Reckitt Benckiser which is specialized in the manufacture of cleaner products. The brand is available in most area over the world include Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Pacific, Europe, Latin America and Eastern Europe. there are many toilet cleaning products marketed under the brand, such as liquids, tablets, wipes, brush systems, toilet bowl and cistern blocks. Harpic Max 43g is the newest toilet bowl clean product under the brand name. The research report will establish the target market, the product details and features, the price, the distribution model which is the product available in other retail outlets, and the promotional methods that are used to generate interest in the marketplace.


Several key areas were identified when determining the boundaries of this study. The following describe the specific research objectives:

• To identify detail and features of the product

• To identify the products pricing strategy

• To identify the target market and characteristics that exists in that market

• To identify products transaction distribution model

• To identify promotional methods used in marketplace

The product details and features


Product details

Harpic Max 43g is a toilet ITB (In the Bowl) rim block. It is the top one in Harpic rim block product line. A completely product should be made up of three parts, including oblong flexible plastic shell, solid cleaning agent and liquid perfume. There are four different perfume choices - citrus, pine, marine and lavender. Detergent and perfume contain linalool, citronellol, coumarin, hydroxycironellal, limonene, cinnamyl alcohol, geraniol, eugenol and citral.

Product features

Harpic Max 43g have powerful cleaning efficiency and continuous fragrance in expiration dating period. It can last up to four weeks long. And it has good structure and shape design that make it discreet and fits neatly under the rim well. Moreover, Harpic Max 43g is a disposable cleaning good. It means that consumers cannot reuse its plastic shell. The inside solid cleaning agent and liquid perfume is toxic to humans. Users should avoid directly contacting.

The target market

A target market is a group of persons for whom a firm creates and maintains a product mix that specifically fits the needs and preferences of that group. A target market selection requires market segmentation, which is the process of pulling apart the market as an entirety and separating it into manageable, disparate units by demographics.

According to the characteristics of the product and data from product price research, the target market of Harpic Max 43g focuses on particular demographics. Income level often provide a way to divide markets because it is a strongly factor which can directly influence people’s purchasing power and lifestyles. In comparison with other similar products, Harpic Max 43g has the highest price in toilet bowl rim block products. And it is designed as a disposable product. Thus, the Harpic Max 43g is majorly targeting its market in medium income level and above medium income level householders. Those people normally...
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