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  • Published : March 10, 2013
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The famous designer that I have chosen to focus my study on is James Dyson. His Dual Core Hoover range includes many innovative products that have revolutionalise the field of vacuuming. James Dyson created the DC (dual cyclone) range which is what I would like to focus on. His DC01 contains many useful features to enhance the users experience whilst using the product and also when they’re not, the idea of making products easily storable has played a huge part in the designing and manufacture in many of his products.

Firstly starting at the top of the product, Dyson has designed useful features such as a unique safety valve, a telescopic hose and a stretchable hose to increase the reaching length whilst using the product. With regards to the safety valve there is no suction present at the end of the hose until the wand is unclipped from the main body of the product. Even then, the suction can be controlled by a suction release trigger, therefore eliminating the need to twist and turn dials on the body of the vacuum cleaner. This features ensures that nothing can be sucked up unwittingly and that the user cannot cause harm to his/herself. In addition the telescopic hose cannot be used a yellow safety switch is turned on located on the side of the Hoover. The hose can also be stretched , when the catch is released the hose can be stretched to 13ft, this total length can reach the top of the average staircase. These features of the DC01 allow people who have difficulty moving or actually using bulky products to vacuum with ease, not just the main carpets but the small corners of rooms and also up staircases without having to climb them. In addition, the wand which helps people clean the stairs is the first of its kind due to its lightweight body and thin streamline styling. These features have helped Dyson to maintain a reputable name within vacuuming and has enabled them to grow as a company.

Moving onto the main body, Dyson have put in masses of time to...
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