Dyson Vacuum History

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  • Published : February 23, 2011
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"Anyone developing new products and new technology needs one characteristic above all else: hope." James Dyson

The Dyson G-force Vacuum Cleaner

The first ever Dyson vacuum cleaner was invented by James Dyson in 1983. This design was said to be the largest innovative break through since the vacuum cleaner was first invented in the early 20th century. The reason for this newer, futuristic design was not only to improve the function of the vacuum cleaner but to also improve the look of the vacuum cleaner. James Dyson was annoyed with vacuum cleaners losing their suction power and their bags constantly clogging up. As a way to improve the vacuum cleaner, James Dyson began to design the first ever bag less vacuum, soon to be known as the G-force vacuum cleaner. James Dyson is a British inventor and was born in Norfolk in 1947. In his 15th year of trying to master its design and constructing over 5,000 prototypes, Dyson finally mastered the design of the first ever dual cyclone system that didn’t lose suction or clog up. It was called The G-force vacuum. As no other company would manufacture his design, Dyson launched his own business, Dyson Limited. After the positive feedback from his first design, Dyson decided to produce a second bag less vacuum cleaner, DC01. Since then he has designed numerous varieties of vacuum cleaners ranging from upright vacuums (such as the DC07, pictured right) to hand held vacuums. James Dyson’s company and designs have become so successful that they have reached sales over $10 billion worldwide. The Dyson vacuum cleaner has impacted many people’s lives throughout the world. Cleaning our homes has always been a part of our lives and with the invention of the Dyson vacuum cleaner, these duties have become much easier. Dyson’s first vacuum cleaner was often said to be quite heavy, sometimes making it hard to move. So after many more designs, Dyson began to release more and more vacuum cleaners,...
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