Do You Agree or Disagree with the Following Statement? Working at Home Using Computers or Telephones Is Better Than Working in the Office.

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  • Published : May 7, 2013
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First, computers contain office software as well as recreational functions. If one is not self-disciplined, it is easy for them to lose track of time when they use the internet at home. The home environment is greatly conducive to lounging on a sofa watching T.V or cooking or calling friends over to play video games. You don't feel important and co-inhabitants do not take you seriously. How do you work and not go-to work? Take my friend Emily as an example, she is a columnist. Once she worked at a newspaper office. Chatting on line, watching movies or browsing irrelevant websites are not allowed during work time, so she has to just focus on her work. But this year she started to work at home. She writes articles at home and sends them to editors by e-mails. I thought this would be great as she doesn’t need to spend time on commute. However, she told me that at home she can’t help logging on msn and chatting with people or browsing irrelevant websites, sometimes she even plays computer games. As a result, she gradually became a procrastinator. These days she often starts to finish her tasks near deadlines. Second, working at home makes people isolated. Working in the office provides an opportunity to get along with colleagues. And sometimes colleagues can be good friends, which brings lots fun. Social interaction takes the form of group-energy in the workplace. Most people are extroverts and therefore need other people around to maintain motivation. My sister, Dorinda, is a introvert and nearly has no words. When some mistakes happens in her work and she is critized by boss, she is so depressed that has no energy and persistance to move on. But her colleagues find she is unusual and come to ask the reason. Then they encourage Dorinda and help her check, under all the colleagues’ help, she does better and is usually prasied by boss. Therefore, working with colleagues does better academically than their isolated counterparts. Finally, though using the computer and...
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