Is Google Making Us Stupid?

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  • Published : April 9, 2013
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In this article, “Is Google Making Us Stupid?”, Nicholas Carr discusses the pros and cons of using artificial intelligence as the main source of knowledge. Artificial intelligence has the ability to condense one’s life into the cyber world, most time of a phone or computer: “It’s becoming our map and our radio and T.V” (Carr, 3). Giving that much control and information about one’s life into such a system that is insecure and easily accessible can be very risky.This article portrays many different opinions on whether traditional reading or artificial intelligence is more beneficial. Although artificial intelligence has the ability to retain greater amount of information the sacrifices in risk and risks of malfunctions hold the heavier weight. People were able to micromanage their lives way before the era of technology.You can do virtually everything from your touch screen smart phone. We are absorbed into the computer for research, building relationships, retail, games and daily news around the world. Majority of the time people when people get home, the first thing they do is login to their computer. It’s become a necessity to always be online for your personal pleasures. The most crucial disadvantage to artificial intelligence is the lack of creativity needed when using it: “The neural circuits created by our use of the net will be different from those created by our reading of books and other printed works” (Carr, 2). Traditional reading invokes one to create their own meaning of the story through imagination and visual thoughts. Artificial is much more straightforward leaving no room for one to contemplate the subject outside the box. Without the use of traditional reading the human brain would lack the imagination to know how to actually utilize artificial intelligence. Reading forces you to notice character development and the underlying messages the authors is attempting to...
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