Are You, the Best You?

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  • Published : November 28, 2010
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Are You, the Best You?
People everywhere are faced with the unanswered question, “When am I working too much?”, “When do I stop?” Due to the constant increase in our cost of living, people believe they are forced into working longer and more demanding hours. People need to learn how to split their time and energy between work and the other important aspects of their lives. In the two essays, “Hit the Brakes”, by Christopher Dewolf and “Stupid Jobs”, by Hal Neidzviecki, it is shown that spending too many hours on your job, creates less time for a personal life, which creates many problems. Society has become obsessed with the demanding and vastly expanding workplace environment, so much so that quality time spent with self and loved ones, which is crucial to becoming a well rounded person, is often disregarded.

Everywhere people are intrigued with different, new and exciting technologies. Technology has come a long way, and is now one of the major aspects in everyones lives. People find themselves ‘lost’ without their cell phone in hand, or without listening to their MP3 players. Many people find themselves having to stand in ridiculously long lines just to receive the newest iPhone or the most up to date computer. Due to this desire or infatuation with having these technological resources, people are working longer hours and taking away from their family life in order to afford such luxuries. Christopher Dewolf explains that whoever has had a “workaholic parent or partner knows what pain that can cause” (304). One of the major reasons for working too many hours, is to satisfy the desire for electronic toys. Everyone is guilty of having the desire to want more ‘stuff’, but it has gone too far. The people who let work over take their lives leave themselves with no time for family members, friends, or themselves; this is unfortunate, because this is the key to living the best life one possibly can. Without the interaction among the people you love,...
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