Living a Warp Speed

Topics: Personal life, Employment, Time Pages: 2 (458 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Living at Warp Speed

Since there are many developed and modern technologies to assist them in their daily activities, people nowadays are more active than ever before. Different people with various personalities have alternative lifestyle as well as the goal of their life. It is quite strange to admit that these days, when life is getting more convenient because of the development of modern technologies, people tends to get more works to do instead of choosing to sit back and enjoy their life.

In fact, people choose their life to be such a busy life. They set their goals and dream so many dreams that they usually have a thought in their mind that they have to work harder to achieve the final goals.

Working hard and living a busy life is not only a choice but also a responsibility that everyone must have. In addition, it is not everyone who lives a busy life does not enjoy their life. There are still many people who have to work so hard every day but still have healthy habits. They know how to balance their life between works, family and also have time for their personal’s passion. For example, people still have opportunities to have a vacation with their family once every two or three months. There are various ways to enjoy the life without taking break everyday after work.

People who are not officially employed by any company usually to be the ones who are even busier that anyone else. More precisely, they do not have certain work time during day and tend to work all day long. Especially those people who stay home and do the housework, they usually have a thought in their mind that they always have something to do next. Moreover, people who work in a company know when to start their work days and what time they can finish it and enjoy the rest time of the day. In fact, it is not what happens to those people who have to stay home and deal with housework as well as their children’s schedule. Most of the time they usually have to do multi-tasking works...
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