Managerial Applications of Information Technology

Topics: Outsourcing, Cloud computing, Telecommuting Pages: 10 (3110 words) Published: April 7, 2012
Telework and Technology


Ronnisha L. Mosley

IS535 –Managerial Applications of Information Technology

DeVry University
February 19, 2012

Table of Contents

Business Problem4-5
Benefits of Solution5-6
Target Audience6
Milestone 17
Company Background7
Business Issues7-8
Benefits of Solving Problem8-9
Proposed Technology Solution9
Milestone 210
Detailed Technology Solution10-11
Value of this Approach11-12
Business Process Changes12
Milestone 313
Additional Technology Solutions13
Additional Business Process Changes13-14
Overall Recommendations14
Implementation Plan14



It’s 5:45 in the morning and you are waking up to the annoying sound of your alarm clock going off. You are fighting yourself just to get out of bed to drive to work. You may have to drive 5 days out of the week and sometimes 6 or 7 if you are working overtime. Then you arrive at work only to sit at a desk for 8 hours and complete your specified work tasks that may seem never ending. For your commute home you are sitting in traffic for another 30 minutes to an hour building up more frustration. Keeping the same daily routine and watching the same black and white walls Monday through Friday can have its pitfalls. How can you change your daily routine with technology today? According to, “A growing consideration for many companies centers on their ability to add employees to their staff while allowing them to work from home. There is a growing segment of today’s workforce that is highly-skilled and prefers to work from home. There are many professionals who find the “quietness” of a home office as a very productive environment. Businesses are also finding that many job functions work well from home-based offices allowing the business to grow without having to incur additional square-footage costs.”

Business Problem
In this paper I will talk about how the use of technology can allow employees to work from home, or telework. ACS, A Xerox Company employs a government sector that processes applications and ongoing cases for residents in the State of Indiana. Employees work the same routine schedules and completes the same case processing tasks every day. There are local offices where clients have the option to seek face-to-face assistance but clients are not required to come into the office for anything. Clients can complete applications online, complete interviews over the phone, and turn in documents via fax or mail. Employees are confined to computer screens for 8 hours completing tasks and resolving customer service issues over the phone. Clients also have the option to check the status of their case online or by using the automated system. I have been employed with ACS for 3 ½ years and after the first year things started to go downhill. Employees began to complain about the work environment. Feelings of disgust were expressed anywhere from the temperature in the room for being too cold because management has to accommodate the hardware used in the facility to not having a flexible schedule to accommodate personal lives. Anyone who needs to handle business usually does between the hours of 8 and 5. Employees do not have the option to conduct personal business prior to arriving to work and has limited time after work. The more negative feelings build the more morale will decrease in the work environment and employees will become dissatisfied.

Benefits of Solution
According to the U. S General Service Administration (GSA), “Telework is an innovative business solution that enables employees to work productively away from the traditional office.” Since employees are struggling to incorporate their personal lives to fit in their work schedule, management...
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