Do Relationship Require Compromises and Adaptation ?

Topics: Marriage, Love, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 2 (693 words) Published: April 12, 2013

«Men come from Mars and women come from Venus» this popular quote has a degree of truth. A lot of relationship require compromises and adaptation. Sometimes you have to go against your family; even after years of marriage, you have to make efforts and be patient; and itʼs important to adapt to the lifestyle of your boyfriend/girlfriend.

To make a relationship work you could go against to your family. Today, religion encourage

a lot of conflicts and wars. My best friendʼs parents had a lot of issues in their love relationship because of religion. Her father, David, is Jewish, and her mother, Catherine, comes from a Catholic family. Catherineʼs parents were really traditional, and they didnʼt have an open mind toward other religions. After three years of being in a relationship, David proposed to Catherine. They went to Catherineʼs house to spread the news to her parents. When Catherine's parents saw David, they didnʼt let him enter in their house because of his religion. Catherine suffered a lot about this situation, and she decided to have oneʼs back to her parents. She hasnʼt seen them since that day. She sacrificed her family to create a new one,but her parents in law helped her a lot. To me, this is the biggest compromise you can make for love. She starts her family with compromises but remembers to put love first.

You still have to make compromises and be patient even after years of marriage. My

parents both made a lot of compromises in their marriage. My parents met during their medical studies, they decided to marry and start a family really young. When they turned 29 they already had three children. Being young parents could be difficult for a couple. My mother wanted to live in the country, but my father needed to live in Paris for his job. So she had to raise us, as children, in the city even if she dreamt of a peaceful life in the country. As Kipnis explains in her text ,«Against Love», love relationships can work if each makes...
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