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  • Published : May 1, 2013
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C Psychology 312
Integrative solutions: a solution to a conflict whereby the parties make trade offs on issues according to their different interests, each side concedes the most on issues that are unimportant to it but important to the other side. A electronic meta analysis of several studies found that negotiations conducted over electronic media were more hostile, and resulted in lower profits than face to face negations Neutral mediators often help solve labor disputes, legal battles, and divorce proceedings. Mediators are often in a better position to recognize that there are mutually agreeable solutions to a conflict

Chapter 10:

In individualistic societies romantic love is a heady, highly personal experience, ignores other friends and concentrates on new partner. (Western)In collectivist societies the individual in love must consider the wishes of family and other group members, which sometimes includes agreeing to an arranged marriage, speed dating propinquity effect: the finding that the more we see and interact with people, the more likely they are to become our friends mere exposure effect: the finding that the more exposure we have to a stimulus, the more apt we are to like it

the average length of people n the chain was 7 and that 90 percent of the pairs could be connected in 8 hops. Thus 6 or 7 degrees of separation appear to explain quite well how interconnect people are in this media age. High skill people saw social interactions as complicated and complex, they valued communication with others that included the psychological aspects (personalities or motivations of participations) Low skill people saw social interactions as easier, the focused on the instrumental aspects of the interactions ( what can be accomplished, and what actually happened) The partner tended to mirror the behaviors of the person with whom he or she was paired. Those who believed they were liked, came to be liked more by the other student. Physical...
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