Princess Bride - Representation Love and Marriage

Topics: Marriage, Love, The Princess Bride Pages: 2 (676 words) Published: May 12, 2013
In William Goldman's “The Princess Bride”, the representation of love and marriage has challenged my values, through the unidealised reasons to why couples get married, the long-term unromantic relationship between Buttercup’s parents and the rather fast development of Buttercup and Westley’s love.

Prince Humperdinck and Princess Buttercup’s relationship presents the idea that some people will settle for less than true love and get married, challenging my values of love and marriage. Goldman has presented the Prince as a self centred patriarch, who only decided to marry once an heir to the throne was at stake. This concept challenges my values because he is not marrying her for the love but for what's in it for himself. “ ‘I’ll never love you’, ‘I wouldn’t want it if I had it’, ‘Then by all means, let us marry’”.(pg44) represents how Princess Buttercup and the Prince are blatantly stating that this marriage will be based only on an agreement between the two. Representing how they only place value in the actual joining of 2 people not the love behind this union. This goes against my values as a reader because I feel that marriage should only be shared between two people that love each other. William Goldman’s “The Princess Bride” challenges my value of love and marriage from the negative representation of what it actually means to most people.

The relationship between Buttercup’s parents is presented in an unromantic nuptial that challenges my values of love and marriage. The mother and father do not actually love each other, but act as if they are bitter rivals who only want to get the better of each other, “Buttercup’s parents did not have a happy marriage, all they could ever dream about was leaving each other”.(pg24) This challenges my values because if i was in a marriage i would want to spend my every hour with them, not dreaming about wanting to leave them. Generally when people are in a marriage it’s because they want to be and because they are in...
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