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To what extent has advertising and merchandising changed the face of cricket? Introduction
Advertising now days has reached its peak, to a level that brands are being associated with products or services which may not even relate their identity. For example products today, such as shampoo, biscuits and even beauty creams have stared associating themselves with sports. Considering that, cricket plays a major role in endorsement of these products as the following and viewership of cricketing events is huge. As a child, I have always been a sports person. Whether it is basketball, baseball, soccer or cricket. With time, I developed a passion for cricket. Following the trend of playing in the streets, I then started to play for an academy. Even now, not only do I enjoy playing cricket I also love to follow various cricketing events worldwide. May passion has reached to an extent that if I were to pursue a career besides being a graphic designer, cricket would have been my second option. Dissertation is a great platform to explore our interests as it helps in learning more about our passion. As a cricket player/fan I have always been curious to learn more and more about this game. Therefore, relating that to my academics, I thought of incorporating my passion with my profession by analyzing the game of cricket from a commercial perspective. The main topic of my discussion is; "To what extent has advertising and merchandising changed the face of cricket." With respect to the topic I intend to talk about the evolution of cricket, initially. Alongside, I will be mentioning the growth of media with respect to the game. I will also discuss the role of media in promoting cricket not only as a sport, but also as a source of mass communication. I will cover all the aspects of social media and how that has helped in the evolution of the game. My discussion will include the factors which have led to the growth of media in cricket. In addition, different types of merchandising...
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