Board of Control for Cricket in India and Game

Topics: Indian Premier League, Board of Control for Cricket in India, Twenty20 Pages: 2 (770 words) Published: February 2, 2013
Cricket : Game or business
Cricket, whenever this word is uttered, many bats are wielded in a hurry to play, as the striker goes ahead to smash the balls. This is the game of “cricket” which is another name of religion in a country like India. However, the question “Is cricket a game or a business” is something to be pondered over in detail. In India, every child is given a bat and a ball on his/her birthday, and this is something which has been followed traditionally all over the country. However, slowly and slowly cricket is becoming more like a business than a game. The sportsmanship is no longer visible and there is an attitude of a businessman on the field. The words seem very harsh but this is the reality, cricket in India is losing its charm and is racing towards business. When the game was discovered in early eighteenth century, the prime objective of it was to entertain its audience and to deliver what it was made for.  

Moreover the players showed sportsmanship whenever they were on the field. But today cricket has been obliterated with racism with players violating the very rules of the game. It is no longer a gentleman’s game. Few decades ago, when cricket did not have many sponsors, the only thing players did on the field was representing their country as the pride and honor of their country rested on their shoulders. Moreover, they played like true gentlemen and enjoyed every bit of it. The scenario has changed completely as cricket today has become a million dollar business. Is money, now, the sole reason why everyone wants to become cricketer is a question worth asking. Under the new IPL deal, there is a contract system for every player and each one gets a fixed amount whether he represents his country or not. The amount is really huge upto Rs. 50 lakhs for experienced players. The money is rated with the performance they show on the pitch. Moreover,every other player is approached by a company for endorsing their brands. The game has become...
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