The Effect of Advertisement on Consumer Behaviour

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Advertisement plays a vital role in the marketing of products as it provides a buying power for various product operations by affecting the behavior of consumers. Different media have been used for advertising products such as news papers, magazines and radio. Television however occupies an important place of products due to its extensive spread worldwide. In addition, television plays an important role on changing the consumer behavior and also provides new patterns for consumption.

The present context of business organization is situated in increasingly complex, uncertain, and dynamic business environments with multiple realities based on various values, priorities, and requirements. As a result, the challenges demanded by globalization, increased competition, far-reaching socio-cultural and technological developments, and acceleration of changes are bringing about new complexities for organizations. Therefore sustenance of existing customers and attracting new ones in recent times has become a critical factor in business.

In fact the seeming growth of many advertising industries is instructive of the fact that, complex and uncertain business environment has lead many organizations to device multifaceted approaches to market their products and services through various techniques of advertisements. Moreover, the essence of being in business by any business outfits is to produce for sales and make good profits. Therefore, the hallmarks of remaining in business as a profit oriented organization is to generate enough sales from its product or services not only to cover operating cost but also to sustain the future of the organization. Indeed, for many organizations, sales estimates are the starting point in budgeting or profit planning (Ayanwale, Alimi, and Ayanbimipe, 2005).

This is so because it must be determined well ahead of time, in most cases, before the actual production unit could be arrived at while production units will in turn affect material purchases. In Nigeria today, taking decision on sales is the most difficult tasks facing many business executives. It is so because of the devastating effect of declining economic fortune of people and the nation at large.

Predicting, estimating and determining with reasonable accuracy potential customers demands now requires unfathomable strategies, as there are uncontrollable factors external to the organizations. Ayanwale, et al, (2005) state that considering the importance of sales on business survival and the connection between customers and sales, it is expedient for organizations to engage in programs that can influence consumers decision to purchase its products or services. This is why today organizations have developed innovative approaches to brand image development and management, as well as advertising now, because we are dealing with rational human being marketers and advertisers have consumer’s personal and psychological factors to contend with. This is because personal factors and psychological factors may create different perception towards different media. For example according to Chang (2007) gender may play an important role in determining the relative effectiveness of comparative and non-comparative advertising appeals. Nowadays, people are moving towards online advertising, mobile advertising or well known as wireless advertising. Mobile marketing provides new revenue streams and opportunities for subsidized access, along with the potential for customers to experience more convenient and relevant content value, sponsored by advertising (Barnes and Scornavacca, 2004).

However, in Nigeria tele-adverts remain the most widely used strategy to initiate psychological process of moving potential buyers from a state of ignorance to a brand of awareness, reinforcing attention, ensuring reliability of memory and...
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