Disadvantages of Exclusive Enclave Tourism

Topics: Tourism, Destination hotel, Package holiday Pages: 1 (326 words) Published: November 8, 2011
I will talk about the potential disadvantages of exclusive “enclave tourism”. The implement of exclusive “enclave tourism” will affect local people and tourists. First, I will look into the negative effect on local people. Although there is a restriction on foreign ownership, and the government has policies stated that Mauritian employment in hotel, travel agencies and car rental must be predominant, the economic leakage from the tourism sector to outside the island is still estimated as about 30% of tourism revenues. Then the living standard of the local people will be lower since there is a high economic leakage portion. It also causes the relocation of local residents because the local people face the threats from pirates, cholera and malaria. It will damage the community linkage of those local residents. Since most of the local residents have emigrated to the plateau of the interior, they cannot enjoy visiting the coast. In addition, even though there is much potential heritage, culture and eco-tourism attraction, not many tourists will visit these attractions because the tourists usually stay in the hotel. Thus the government will not invest too much to develop these potential attractions. By the same reason of isolation of tourists in the resort enclaves, it also limits the tourists’ spending in small business.

On the views of tourists, since the resorts in Mauritius usually provide package tours which are including accommodation, meal, entertainment and leisure activities. It will reduce the attractiveness to tourists who like independent tourism. Also, due to the focus of tourism strategies is on attracting higher-spending tourists, the price of package tours will be high. As a result, it is not beneficial to those tourists with tight budget. The local government does not allow charter flights to land on the island, it makes the travel cost of tourists become higher. And since the tourists spend most of the time in the resort only, they cannot...
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