Mauritius the Paradise Island

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Mauritius the paradise island

Branded with the trade mark of “The Paradise Island”, Mauritius is the “destination de reves” of millions of people, source of inspiration of numerous poets, wonderful and un-exploited landscapes of hundreds of films, mostly bollywood movies

Mauritius is a Tropical Island with two seasons, SUMMER and WINTER, situated in the Indian Ocean near Reunion Island and Madagascar, Mauritius is a hub for various Business of import and export, its key local resources are the tourism, textile, sugar cane and IT. Mauritius get its independence in 1968 and became Republic in 1992.

The island is well known for its natural beauty and of course the legendary bird DODO.Mauritius is a fast developing Island mainly in Hotels and IT business, with its sea, sun and white sandy beaches tourist always say its Paradise ISLAND.

The most widely-spoken language of the country is Mauritian Creole and our national language is English but speak French fluently and some talk also Hindi, urdu, chinese, tamil and bhojpuri. Mauritius has a high advantage of having Multi Religions and culturals in the Indian Ocean and that’s why people like to come to Mauritius.

Famous for its 6-star hotels and decadent beauty, Mauritius is a very popular tourist destination. Coined the “Jewel of the Indian Ocean”, this country boasts of several luxurious hotels, resorts, and accommodations against a backdrop of overwhelming beauty. Over a million people visit this tropical island each year. They usually come for the beautiful beaches, abundant coral reefs, A+ service, exciting sights, and unique culture. For the outdoors addict, there are such activities as scuba diving, snorkelling, kayaking, and windsurfing that are usually part of the many holiday packages offered on the island. For the more daring, trips in submarines, parasailing, and deep sea fishing are very popular activities in the area.

There is even an Undersea Walk activity, which allows you to walk on...
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