Directional Sound System

Topics: Sound, Ultrasound, Loudspeaker Pages: 3 (944 words) Published: December 25, 2012
A Suggestion of Sound System
Topic: A proposal solution of existing handset inconvenience in aircraft Team name: Mr. Taiwan
Team member:
William Young, Wallace Tang, Jason Wang and Jerry Huang
Date: Dec 6th 2012
During air flight, passengers often use entertainment system to enjoy the journey. However, the traditional personal headsets device used with flight entertainment system came out some cumbersome due to vary inconvenience. This proposal is to propose a solution of current sound system problem occurred in aircrafts, it will make passengers be more convenient, the system which is going to be proposed is called directional sound system. Problem and solution

For instance, when one passenger needs to get out of their seats to use the facility, which makes the other seat passenger has to unplug the headsets or take of the earphone. The continuous movements are around the seating area. Further more, the cord of the headsets makes passenger to be inconvenient, sometimes the wire makes the cup flip over or other small accident. In the other hand, the flight attendants take headsets aggregately, because the ground personnel have to pack all of the used headsets into a new PE bag for next flight, which cause unnecessary waste including money and time. But, we always take it for granted, taking off earphone for giving way or for talking with other passengers and re-pack the earphone by bag. However, do we have alternative? Bluetooth earphone maybe can be a selection, but, there is still something on your head and not really convenient at all. It’s behooved to implement a new solution- The Directional Sound System. how will aircraft makers take the advantage of DSS? And how will they conduct this system? As the same as the LCD display, DSS can be modularized to be a component/or a brick and be embedded in each front seat. The modular component can be combined with current audio-video system, sound power of every seat can be adjusted in...
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