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Physical Injury and Obesity
Hand-held video game consoles are very popular in the developed world. While they can be entertaining, excessive play can be detrimental. One problem is video game addiction, which can be disruptive to a person's psychological health. Other reported issues include seizures, neck pain, wrist pain and repetitive strain injury. Prolonged use also contributes to a sedentary lifestyle, resulting in obesity. Several studies and researches have suggested about the various harmful effects gadgets have on human health. Have you ever imagined that why after watching Television for a long time you tend to feel tired and your eyes strained? Sometimes even listening to music from earphones for a long time can cause pain in the ears.

Television can be absolutely damaging to human health if watched for long durations on a regular basis. The number of children who wear spectacles today has gone up considerably because of excessive exposure to TV. Even parents now-a-days are too busy and are unable to monitor their child's activities. So children today are watching far too much television compared o what they actually should be watching.

Even too much exposure to other electronic gadgets like mobile phones can have devastating effects on human health. Today in the modern world it is almost impossible to find anyone without a mobile phone. Today mobile phones are highly sophisticated and come with exciting features. Most mobile phones today come with advanced MP3 players and earphones. These earphones are used to listen to music and sometimes even take calls on the mobile phone. Continuously listening to the music on the earphones can put immense pressure on the ear drums and can result in hearing problems in the future.

The modern trend among young teenagers is to show off their latest mobile phone with all the latest features. So teenagers today want to own the most up to date mobile phone irrespective of its cost. Mobile phones apart...
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