Argument Analysis: The Debilitating Effects of TV on Children

Topics: Adolescence, Term, Television Pages: 2 (548 words) Published: October 31, 2012

Your understanding of critical thinking and the structure of an argument to analyze the Grohol article titled “The Debilitating Effects of TV on Children”.

Dr. Gohl article “Debilitating Effects of TV on Children” brings to light the long and short term negative effects that too much television have on children, which spans into adulthood. His purpose of this article is to educate parents on the dangers of television and highlight the facts based on Research to support his Argument.

The author’s main argument is to prove his point, based on research that television is harmful to children. The Research indicates, that children who watch too much TV leads to poor grades, long term academic failures, heath problems, teenage pregnancy and drugs. Despite the negative effects, developmental, physiological and psychological effects, children continue to be exposed to hours of television viewing.

The author supports his Argument that television is harmful and does affect children by providing the Research below by difference sources: Countless studies have documented the inverse link between devotion to the boob tube and achievement in school. Researchers at Columbia’s College of Physicians and Surgeons concluded in 2007, for example, that 14-year-olds who watched one or more hours of television daily “were at elevated risk for poor homework completion, negative attitudes toward school, poor grades, and long-term academic failure.’’ Those who watched three or more hours a day were at even greater risk for “subsequent attention and learning difficulties,’’ and were the least likely to go to college. In 2005, a study published in the American Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine found that the harm caused by TV watching shows up even after correcting the data to account for students’ intelligence, family conditions, and prior behavioral problems. The bottom line: “Increased time spent watching television during childhood...
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