Cell Phone Cancer

Topics: Radio, Ionizing radiation, Mobile phone Pages: 1 (365 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Digital Cancer
If someone were to ask you what is the worst disease to get, what would you say? Many people will probably say cancer. Cancer is one of the worst diseases in the world, ways to get it are beginning to get higher and higher everyday. They say you can get it from your cellular device that a lot of people use everyday! I will tell you how electronics and cell phones might be able to give you brain cancer.

The way cell phones work isn’t as complicated as you think. Its pretty much a walkie talkie on steroids. Cellphones send out radio waves to signal towers. Other people send messages to each other through the tower reception. They also send out radiofrequency energy, a form of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation. That radiation can destroy and infect some tissues of the ear over a long period of time of using your cellular device.

They say that it spreads through the tissues of your brain and forms a tumor. There are many types of electromagnetic radiation, which are all dangerous to your health. Such as; radon, cosmic rays, x-rays, non-ionizing, and ionizing. The type of electromagnetic radiation what can probably give a high risk of getting cancer is ionizing. There is no physical evidence of non-ionizing radiation giving you a risk of getting cancer.

The use of cell phones throughout the world is huge. About 75% of the world have access to cellular technology. If most of them use them everyday for a decent amount of time over three fourths of the world could possibly get cancer! Just imagine a cancer apocalypse! Most of this information is not 100% sure from scientist giving evidence of cancer. Hopefully they find ways to prevent it.

Some people think that having a phone case that covers the whole phone may block the radiation from getting to you. For iPhones the well-known brand, “Otterbox” is a great example of this. Otterboxes cover the whole device because it has a screen protector attached to it. Maybe other phone brands...
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