Information Technology and Process Technology of Malaysia Airlines

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In this rapidly changing world, people are relying very much on airline companies to support both their personal and professional activities. Therefore, as people demand the great speed transportation, the airline companies have to challenge themselves in providing the best products and services to meet the needs and wants of the customers. In the airline industry, the efficiency is a vital component to run the business; it thus should be achieved by investing in new and advanced technologies that can steadily support the company in running and operating its business. One of the airline companies that recognize this value is Malaysia Airlines; it has consistently embraced the advancements of technology to develop its ability in its operation processes and others primary and support activities.
1.1 Purpose
The purpose of writing this report is to explain the business operation within the Malaysia Airlines; it includes the procedures, processes and systems that Malaysia Airlines utilizes in order to carry out its day to day services. Nothing less, we also intend to highlight the importance of being effective and efficient in running the whole operation processes in the Airline Industry.

1.2 Scope
The work basically reports the primary activities of Malaysia Airlines; it tries to explain what kind of competitive priorities Malaysia Airlines chooses to focus on and attempts to completely identify the role of process technology as well as information technology that Malaysia Airline applies in running its business.

1.3 Limitation
The challenges to complete this report have been reduced to minimal throughout the whole process; the information regarding Malaysia Airlines and its role with technologies has been acquired sufficiently through various sources such as online journals and articles. Nonetheless, we still inevitably found some difficulties in identifying company’s exact resources and strategies, this sort of challenges emerge most probably because the company is unwilling to release all information regarding its resources and strategies as it can harm its sources of competitive advantage. 2.0 ORGANIZATION BACKGROUND|

Malaysia Airlines is a stated-owned flag carrier of Malaysia; incorporated on 1 May 1947, it is one of the most successful airlines companies in Malaysia. Its main hub is in Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). Malaysia Airlines has been accredited by International Air Transport Association (IATA) for its operational safety conducts and practices, and has being awarded five-star Airlines by SKYTRAX global airlines ranking (SKYTRAX, 2012). These sorts of recognitions have promptly given advantageous to the company to operate its business internationally as well as promoting its quality to customers around the world.

The Preferred Premium Carrier

2.2Product As one of the world’s 5-star airlines, Malaysia Airlines provides various products and services to its customers, these products and services most importantly are quality products that are meant to meet the needs and wants of its customers. Malaysia Airlines offers numerous travel options to the customers; through three cabin classes in its flights (first, business, economy), customers can enjoy flying with Malaysia Airlines to more than 110 destinations across six continents, the number of destinations however keeps changing as it changes the strategy ( Toh, 2011).

In addition to the maximum quality service offered, Malaysia Airlines has been continuously renewing its offers so that...
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