Argumentative Synthesis 1

Topics: Mobile phone, Rotary dial, Text messaging Pages: 2 (771 words) Published: November 30, 2011
Rebecca Crockett
Shannon Lerro
Argumentative Synthesis
November 4, 2010
Does talking on the phone while driving affect the driver? Drivers shouldn’t be able to use phones while driving because it can be extremely hazardous for not only them but their passengers, or others traveling along the same road. If changing a radio station is considered a major distraction to drivers, how is it not a distraction to look down to find your cell phone? Cell phones, have been known to cause wrecks that can even result in fatalities. In a recent article , “Distracted Driving: Should Talking, and Texting Be Banned” It clearly states that we weren’t trained to operate a heavy steering vehicle, while also operating a small handheld computer. Research is beginning to show that driving and talking even with hands- free devices is dangerous and deadly. The Senate introduced a bill that would require a ban on texting while driving; 17 states and The District of Columbia have already passed such a ban, and seven states have outlawed the use of hand held communication devices altogether. It’s hard to accurately determine just how many automobile accidents are related to cell phones, but according to David Strayer ,  a psychology professor at The University of Utah, only 2% of people are able to safely multitask while driving. In other words “cell phones” he says “make you blind to your own bad driving.” Some people may argue that if cell phones cause an issue, then holding a conversation with another passenger in the vehicle is just as distracting. Steven Yantis a professor at John Hopkins University, says, “When people are listening to a cell phone conversation, they are slower to respond to things they’re looking at. When holding a conversation with someone, they simply are another set of eyes for the driver.” Last year, a simple experiment took well-trained policemen, that’s job was to make sure all members driving recorded remained in good standings, to drive through a...
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