Moped-Room 101

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  • Published : May 7, 2011
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The irritating high pitched whining going on in the back of your ear, going back and forth like a mosquito that needs to be swatted. These are the crippling parasites of today’s modern transport system, loud, slow and pathetically small. These are the major corruptions in today’s youth, not drugs or alcohol, but mopeds, we get taught in school about what harm drugs and alcohol can do, but not mopeds, can a shot of vodka cause your brains to come out of your ears? The only people who really ride mopeds are ‘chavs’ because ‘chavs’ have no real conception of respect and self-humiliation. Mopeds are poorly designed; the majority of mopeds fail on style, speed, and respect. Mopeds should be replaced with motorcycles, motorcycles have brakes, they have proper engines, and most importantly, they have style, strength and agility. People who ride mopeds on roads, like children who ride bicycles on pavements, deserve to be run over, not for pure hatred, although that subconsciously plays a part in it, but for fun, if they choose to use an incomplete motorcycle they should be duly punished. They are loud and inconvenient to other people, causing pain in the ears, and sound pollution. Don’t buy a moped when your 16, buy a bus pass, then stick with it until your 21, old enough to ride a proper motorcycle and not a hairdryer. Mopeds are insolent, toe dragging scooters, which derived from a bicycle rider who was too lazy to pedal, but not brave enough to go fast. Mopeds are normally defined by limits on engine displacement, speed, power output, or transmissions, or by a requirement for pedals. In some countries, the legal driving age for a moped is lower than for larger motorcycles, and consequently mopeds are popular among the youth. Typically, mopeds are restricted to 30–85 km/h (18–53 mph) and engine displacement less than 50 cc. Any modification to the engine size to make it larger will cause it to be classified as a motorcycle, which will then increase tax, and...
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