Directional Minimal Check

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Directional Minimum Check
DMC – OW tariffs comparison in direction to and back for the set pair of cities. Tariffs are compared between all points of fare component. DMC is used for OW and NOJ trips for ISI – SOTI, SOTO, SITO. Rules:

- If DMC NUC is more than CF, the difference between them is DMC Plus P.The additional value P is added to CF for getting TOTAL that amounts to DMC NUC - If DMC NUC is less than CF, than DMC NUC is ignored and TOTAL fare amounts to CF

PTY WH 752
CUR WH 746
AMS AT4869
X/SOF EH 1397
BEG EH 214

DMC exceptions – DMC check is not applied for:
- RT/CT trips
- For calculation of additional value P for different classes of service - For ISI- SITI
- For journeys inside TC1
- For sales in TC1 for journeys started from TC1
- For sales on the territory of the USA/Canada
- For sales outside Canada for trips to/from Canada

Circle Trip Minimum
For CT pricing units only: look for the highest point-to-point RT fare from the unit origin to any stopover point in the CT pricing unit. For normal fares, you may use the secondary or lower/lowest level for such normal fare type. For special fares: If the sector did not qualify as a HIP, then it can be excluded from the CTM check. Compare this Circle Trip Minimum fare to the SUBTTL NUC. Use whichever is higher. Rome - Madrid - New York - Caracas - La Paz - Buenos Aires – Rome Country of traffic document issue: Italy

ROM - LPB 1/2RT YIF NUC 1537.79
Maximum permitted mileage ROM - LPB 9050
Sum of ticketed point mileages 8753
ROM - LPB (NUC 1537.79) increase to a higher intermediate point fare 1/2RT YIF NUC 1615.40 Maximum permitted mileage 9050
Sum of ticketed point mileages 8327
Plus (to increase to the CT minimum ROM-BUE fare) NUC 77.61
Total NUC 3230.80
IATA rate of exchange (IROE) x 0.781703
Local currency fare (LCF) EUR 2526.00...
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