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  • Published : August 27, 2012
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1.) _____ Balboa
2.) _____S. Cabot
3.) _____ Coronado
4.) _____De Gama
5.) _____De La Salle
6.) _____ De Soto
7.) _____ Drake
8.) _____ Jolliet
9.) _____ Marquette
10.) ____ Ponce De Leon
11.) ____ J. Cabot
12.) ____ Cartier
13.) ____ Cortes
14.) ____ Champlain
15.) ____ Dias
16.) ____ Hudson
17.) ____ Magellan
18.) ____ Pizarro
19.) ____ Columbus
20.) ____ Raleigh
21.) Name the three discoveries/inventions that aided these European explorers in their quests: EUROPEAN EXPLORERS QUIZ

A.) Stopped second circumnavigation of the world to hunt for gold. B.) First to explore Southwestern United States
C.) Discovered a bay and river looking for the Northwest Passage. D.) “First” explorer to circumnavigate the globe.
E.) Founded Roanoke Island for England
F.) Discovered the Pacific Ocean
G.) Discovered Florida for the Spanish Empire.
H.) Jesuit Missionary who helped explore the Mississippi River I.) First explorer to round the Cape of Good Hope
J.) Discovered the St. Lawrence Seaway
K.) Sailed the ocean blue in 1492
L.) First to explore the Mississippi River
M.) First explorer to see and cross the Mississippi River
N.) First to explore and control the Incas and Peru
O.) England’s Greatest sea captain and defeated the Spanish Armada P.) First to map the Great Lakes and started first French settlement Q.) First European to “discover” North America
R.) Explorer who conquered Mexico and the Aztecs.
S.) Completed 1st successful trip from Europe to India via waterways T.) Discovered the Great Lakes
Extra Question:
*What was the Bachelorette’s 1st name?
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